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Lesson on Faith and Obedience - Noah's Ark

Noah's Ark

This story happened a long time ago, God became very sad about His world.  The people were bad and unkind.  The only good people left were Noah and his family.  God told Noah that a great flood was coming, so Noah and his three sons went to work building an enormous ark.  The cruel people laughed at Noah but he did not mind.

When the ark was finished, God told Noah to round up and take on board pairs of all animals that lived on earth.  Two elephants, two zebras, two lions - two of every kind.  "Hurry up!" Noah said.  "The rain is beginning to fall."  Then the rain began to fall harder and harder, pitter, patter, until the ark was afloat.

It rained for forty days and forty nights and the water of the flood covered the whole earth.  At last, the rain stopped.  Noah sent out a dove and it returned with a green leaf on its beak.  This told Noah that the flood was going down and there was some dry land.

The ark gently came to rest on a mountain top.  Then Noah opened the door and all the birds and animals came out.  Noah thanked God for keeping his family and the animals safe.  God made a rainbow in the sky as a sign of hope and promise that He will not destroy the earth again by water.

Read the whole story of Noah and the Ark:  Genesis 6:1-9:17

1.  Why were Noah and his family saved when the great rains came? How about the other people, why were they not saved?
2.  How do you think Noah and his family felt when the rains kept coming down day after day? What would it have been like to have been shut up with so many animals for so long?
3.  Do you know why God gave the first rainbow?  Does God keep His promises?

MEMORY VERSE:  Hebrew 11:7
By faith Noah, being divinely warned of things not seen prepared an ark for the saving of his household.

Make a Noah and the Ark Story Book.  Color the pages that can be printed from this page then staple them together.  Use it in telling the story to the kids.

Play Animal Sounds.  Tell the name of animals that can be found in Noah's ark and the children will say the sound it makes or vice versa.

Color an Ark and a Rainbow.  Print out the template from this page.  This activity helps teach the kids about the different colors of the rainbow.

Make an Obedience Ark:  The complete instructions for this activity can be found on this page.  Print the template, ask the kids to cut out strips of brown paper, then glue the strips on the ark.  After the glue has dried, ask the kids to write about things they can do to show how they can obey God.

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