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The Snowflake - Lesson on Uniqueness

"Goody, goody, it's snowing!" This is what I heard early yesterday morning. I think there were many other homes in which this shout of joy ushered in the day. It being Saturday the day was mostly free for playing in the snow. What did you do? You made a snow man. You built a snow fort or house. You had a snowball battle. You slid down hill. You played fox and geese, tracking one another across white fields and through the woods. You had a happy, wonderful day, I know you did.

Have you ever thought how snow is made, and where it comes from? It is formed high in the air, from vapor, and comes down from the clouds, just like rain.  If you will look at the snowflakes through a magnifying glass, you will see a great variety of shapes and no two are alike. And all of them are beautiful. We talk about the sparkling beauty of diamonds and other precious gems; crystal snowflakes are more beautiful by far. If only we could keep them from melting, what a necklace or a setting for a ring a collection of snowflakes would make!

Snowflakes are also like people, no two are the same. Each one is uniquely and beautifully created by God.  Do you believe that each one of us is special?  We are.  And no one is like you.  So you don't really have to be jealous of each other because God loves each one just the same.

God's love is shown to us in the snow, too. For a fall of snow is like a great blanket, covering the tender roots and seeds, keeping them from freezing, assuring us of another harvest. As today you walk home through the snow, let it speak to you of your Father's love.

Memory Verse:  Job 38: 22

"Have you entered the storehouses of the snow or seen the storehouses of the hail?"

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