Moses and The Ten Plagues of Egypt

Moses and the 10 Plagues of Egypt

Hi, kids! Last time, I told you about the story of the Burning Bush where Moses met God. God called Moses and commanded him to go back to Egypt to help Israel be free from slavery.

Moses and the Burning Bush - Learning Obedience

Hi, kids! Do you still remember who is Baby Moses? He was the baby put in a basket whom God saved. Moses grew up to be a prince of Egypt, but he knew that he is a Hebrew.

One day, Moses saw an Egyptian beating up a Hebrew, one of his brethren. He got so mad that he killed the Egyptian and then hid him in the sand. But Moses was afraid when he found out that his fellow Hebrew saw what he did. So he fled from Egypt to a land called Midian. There he became a shepherd and had his own family.

One day, Moses was tending to his flock. As he was passing by Mount Sinai, he saw a bush that was on fire. But to his surprise, the bush did not burn out! So he went nearer to the burning bush to see why.

The Birth of Moses - God Saves the Baby in a Basket

Hi, kids! Today I’m going to tell you a story about a baby who was put inside a basket. So why do you think somebody would put a baby in a basket? Let’s find out who is this baby and why he was put in a basket.

 Do you remember the story of Joseph forgiving his brothers? Our story today is the continuation of what happened to Joseph's family after they lived and died in Egypt.

After Joseph, his father Jacob (also called Israel) and his family died, their descendants lived as slaves in Egypt. But God still blessed the children of Israel so they grew in number. They became so many that they outnumbered the Egyptians.

This made the Pharaoh afraid. “There are already too many Israelites in our land! We must find a way to control their growth, or else they may side with our enemies and conquer us!” So they treated the Israelites very badly and gave them a lot of work to do.

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Joseph Forgives His Brothers

Hi Kids! Do you remember what happened to Joseph in the last lesson? The Pharaoh of Egypt made Joseph the governor of Egypt after interpreting his dream about the upcoming famine. Our story for today will be about how Joseph meets his brothers again and forgives them.

During the seven years that Egypt had plenty of harvests, Joseph gathered up as much grain as they can and stored them. After the seven years of plenty, the seven years of famine began, as Joseph had said to Pharaoh.

Book of Genesis Chapter 41-17 (Bible Illustrations by Sweet Media)
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There was a famine in all lands. But there was food in Egypt. The people cried to Pharaoh for food and the Pharaoh said to them that they should go to Joseph. Joseph opened all the storehouses and sold grains to the Egyptians.

Joseph Interprets the Dreams of the Cupbearer, the Baker and the Pharaoh

Hi kids! Do you still remember what happened to Joseph? In the last lesson about Joseph, Potiphar and his Wife, Joseph ended up in prison because Potiphar's wife lied that Joseph did something wrong.

So poor Joseph was placed in the prison but God continued to be with him. The prison warden soon put Joseph in charge of all those held in prison.

One day, the Pharaoh became angry with his chief cupbearer and chief baker and put them in prison where Joseph was in charge. Then, one night, each of the two officials had a dream.

The following morning, Joseph asked the two what's wrong because they looked sad. They told Joseph that both of them had a dream but they did not know what they mean. Joseph said that God knows what dreams mean and they told Joseph their dreams.

The chief cupbearer said that in his dream I saw a vine with three branches. The vine blossomed and brought forth ripe grapes. Then he saw the Pharaoh's cup in his hand. He squeezed the grapes and gave the juice in the cup to Pharaoh.

The cupbearer's dream
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