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Lesson from the Trees

I have a short story to tell you kids.  While traveling on a train, I looked out of the window and saw an immense field wherein planted were hundreds, yes thousands, of little trees. I asked the man who sat beside me, "What are those little trees for?" He said, "They are growing those little trees to reforest the desolate, burned over regions of the Adirondacks." I said to myself, "That is just what we are doing in my church. We are growing girls and boys to reforest the needy places of the earth."

I asked, "How long do they keep those little trees there?" "Not very long," said he, "just long enough to give them a good start. Then they transplant them." Again I said to myself, "That is exactly what we do. We keep the girls and boys only a little while, then they are transplanted."

I had another question. "When they transplant these little trees how do they plant them, every-which-way?" "No, indeed," was his answer, "they are planted in rows, and close together." Exactly what we are doing in our church, I thought. We are growing our girls and boys, and we are keeping them close together, because they are such a help to one another, and there is great inspiration in numbers.

Looking out of the train window at those trees of future forests, I thought of the verse in Isaiah, "The mountains and the trees shall break forth before you into singing, and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands." I can hear the mountains and the hills of the Adirondacks singing because of the growing trees, and I hear the mountains and the hills of earth singing because of the millions of growing girls and boys who shall reforest the desolate places of earth.

Reflection:  How are little girls and boys like those little trees?  Why do little girls and boys need to go to church?  How can growing girls and boys reforest the earth?

MEMORY VERSE: Psalm 92:13
"Those planted in the house of the LORD will flourish in the courts of our God.

After the object lesson about trees, enjoy making this Tree Craft as demonstrated by Sarah of Sunfish Press.

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