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Sleep - God's Most Blessed Gift

Did you have a good sleep last night? I hope you sleep well nightly. God's finest gift to his children is sleep. Do you think there are some finer gifts? Name them.

Ah, I believe you were mistaken. The more you think about it the more you'll agree with me that - sleep - the Father's loving provision for tired people, is a most blessed present.

Now God gives sleep not only to girls and boys but to all of his creation. Do you know how some of those creatures sleep? I'll tell you.

Elephants and horses normally sleep standing up. How would you like to hear your mother tell you, "Robert, it's time to go to bed, stand in that corner over there and sleep."

Most birds sleep with the head turned over toward the tail and the bill poked in under the feathers. Storks, seagulls and all other long-legged birds sleep standing on one leg. It would be harder to sleep that way than just standing in the corner, wouldn't it?

The fox and the wolf sleep with the tip of the nose and the soles of the feet touching each other; and the big, bushy tail covering up all their body to keep them warm. Owls sleep during the daytime. They have eyelids, and "curtains" over the eyelids. These curtains are worn across the eyes, sideways to shut out the strong light of the day. Rabbits, snakes and fish sleep with their eyes open.

Why does God give us sleep? Is it for the pleasure of sleeping? No. He gives us sleep that our bodies and minds may be freshened up. The strength we have spent during the day is restored to us during the night's sleep.

Be thankful to your Father in heaven when this evening you kneel to pray:
"Now I lay me down to sleep."

MEMORY VERSE: Psalm 127: 2
"So he gives sleep to those He loves."

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