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The Still Small Voice

What is the loudest noise you ever heard? Did you ever hear an huge cannon fired? Of course you've heard thunder.

The loudest, most frightening sound I ever heard was a steam boiler explosion. The town heating plant was only three doors away from my house. The whole plant exploded one prayer service evening. The church building was engulfed into darkness, the walls shook, windowpanes were broken on every side. In panic people got down on their knees and crawled towards the doorway. That was the loudest noise I ever heard.

Now, I have here a hammer. I will drop it to the floor. Listen. Is the sound very loud? Here I have a large nail. Hear the sound this makes as it is dropped. The noise that it made is not as loud as the noise produced by the falling hammer.

Here is a small nail. You will have to listen very carefully if you hear the sound of the nail as it strikes the carpet. Do you have good ears? Let us test them.

Here is an ordinary pin. If you keep very quiet you will be able to hear the falling of this tiny pin. Do not move in your seat. Every one, attention! Listen. Did you hear it? Yes, most of you did.

That pin did not make much noise. No sound could be more hushed than a dropping pin. Ah, but there is a sound that is infinitely more quiet. At the same time it is louder than the roll of thunder, or the firing of a huge cannon, or the explosion of a great boiler. Do you know what it is?

Some call it "conscience." I like to think of it as a voice. It is the still, small voice within. When you are about to do wrong, this voice speaks to you. Hear this still, small voice, and obey.  And you will do well.

MEMORY VERSE: I Kings 19: 12

"And after the earthquake a fire; but the Lord was not in the fire: and after the fire a still small voice."

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