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Does This Railroad Lead To Heaven?

This was an incident that happened while journeying on a train. At a station, a small girl about 8 years old came aboard, carrying a bag under her arm. She looked eagerly at the passengers' faces, but all were strange to her. She looked tired, so she put her bag for a pillow to try and get some nap. Soon, the conductor came by collecting tickets and fare. The following was their conversation.

Little girl: "May I lie here?"

Conductor: "Yes, you may. Where is your ticket?

Little girl: "I don't have any."

Conductor: "Where are you going?"

Little girl: "I am going to heaven,

Conductor: "Who pays your fare?"

Little girl: "Mister, does this railroad lead to heaven, and does Jesus travel on it?"

Conductor: "I think not. Why did you think so?"

Little girl: "Why sir, before my mama died, she used to sing of a heavenly railroad. You looked so nice and kind that I thought this was the road. My mama used to sing of Jesus on the heavenly railroad, and that He paid the fare for everyone. The train stopped at every station to get people aboard. But my mama doesn't sing to me any more. Nobody sings to me now; and I thought I'd take the train and go to my mama. Mister, do you
sing to your little girl about the railroad that goes to heaven? You have a little girl, haven't you?"

Conductor: (weeping) "No my little dear. I have no little girl now. I had one once; but she died some time ago, and went to heaven."

Little girl: "Did she travel this railroad? Are you going to see her now?"

By this time, everyone was upon their feet, and most of them were weeping.

Passenger 1: "God bless the little girl."

Passenger 2: "You are an angel."

Little girl: "Yes, my mama used to tell me that I would be like an angel someday."
(To the conductor) "Do you love Jesus? I do, and if you love Him, He will let you ride to heaven on His railroad. I'm going there and I wish you'd go with me. I know Jesus will let me into heaven when I get there and He will let you in, too, and everyone that will ride on His railroad. Wouldn't you like to see heaven and Jesus, and your little girl?"

These words, so innocently spoken, brought everyone to tears, but much so from the conductor. Some who were traveling on the heavenly railroad cried out loud for joy.

Little girl: "Mister, may I rest here until we get to heaven?"

Conductor: "Yes, dear, yes."

Little girl: "Will you wake me up then so that I may see my mama, your little girl and Jesus?" "I really want to see them all."

Conductor: (In broken accents but tender words) "Yes, dear angel, yes. God bless you."

Passengers: "Amen!"

Little girl: (To the conductor) "What shall I tell your little girl when I see her? Shall I tell her that I saw her papa on Jesus' railroad? Shall I?"

This brought anew flood of tears from all present. The conductor knelt by her side, and, embraced her weeping unable to say a word.

We learn from this incident that from the mouths of even babes God has ordained strength, and that we should to be willing to represent the cause of our blessed Jesus even in a railroad coach.

This lesson can be dramatized. The chairs can be arranged and the children can pretend that they are riding a train. The children can mimic the sound of a train. Choose 2 children to act out as the conductor and the little girl. Afterward, answer the following reflection questions with the kids. How do you get to heaven? Are you going to heaven?

Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."

If you have some building blocks, you can ask the children to play and build toy trains out of the blocks.

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