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God Heals a Blind Girl

One day, we went to visit Ruth's auntie. While there, a very good friend came to visit Ruth's auntie. She brought with her a little 4-year old girl named Annie who was the same age as Ruth. Annie was blind and would always be blind said the eye doctor.

The two girls played together. Ruth leads Annie by the hand and this touched her heart a good deal. After we went home, she came to me crying, and said, "Mama, Annie is blind. Mama, Annie can't see anything. Mama, Annie can't even see her mama!"

I answered, "No, Annie can't see anything."

"Can't Jesus make Annie see her mama?" Ruth asked.

"Yes, Jesus can do anything," I told her.

"I'll never give up praying until Jesus makes Annie see her Mama," she said. She knelt down and prayed. For several days, she would come in from her play often and kneel down and pray and ask Jesus to make Annie see her mama.

In a few days, we received word that Annie said "Oh, I see my mama!" From then on, she could see.

When the girls were 8 years old, Ruth's aunt received a letter from Annie's mother. She said, "Annie seems to be losing her eyesight once more." She also said that she would like Annie to send her a new dress while she could still see it. She also requested if Ruth could pray for Annie
that Jesus would not let her go blind again.

Ruth was at the home of her aunt when she received this letter. She prayed earnestly once again and God answered her prayer and gave Annie her eyesight. It was even better than normal.

The last time I saw Annie, she was a grown woman around 40. She showed me how she could see to read a long way from the light, which we could not do. Surely God did a wonderful miracle in answer to a young girl's prayer.

Children, let's pray; and when we pray, believe that God listens, and receive the good things that he has to give us and others.

--Essie Wilson.

MEMORY VERSE: Mark 11:24
Therefore, I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.

The objective of this activity is to teach the children how the blind feels and appreciate the eyes that God has given them.

Prepare a paper bag with all sorts of things inside it like apple, banana, ball, key, etc.
Let one child at a time come and pick an object inside the bag with eyes closed. Let him feel the object. Then ask,
  • Can you guess what the object is?
  • Can you tell what is the color of the object?
After all the children have taken their turn. Ask them if you were blind, how would you feel? In what way can you thank God for giving you eyes? How can you take care of your eyes?

Then, close in a prayer of thanks. Praise God for giving good eyes to each and every one.

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