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Object Lesson on Orderliness

Here are three books. I put them down like this, one on top of the other, that is system. I throw them down carelessly, that is not system, it is not orderly.

Here I have a package of envelopes. There are fifty-two envelopes, one for each Sunday in the year. Each envelope is divided in the center. On one side I read, "For others." On the other half I read, "For ourselves." These are church envelopes. In this orderly way, we support our local church and give to missions. We like to have the girls and boys, as well as older people, use these envelopes.

The financial secretary of our church is just as willing to keep the records of young people who give but five cents in each side of the envelope as he is to keep the account of the man or woman who places five dollars in each side of the envelope every Sunday. By doing this, we want you to grow up systematic and orderly in all your religious life. Our Master is pleased when we do our religious duties "decently and in order."
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Aside from giving to Jesus, what other things can we do systematically and orderly?  How about in our Sunday School class?  How about in our home?  Explain that orderliness is achieved when each one understands and carries out the responsibilities expected of him or her.  How should we behave in Sunday School class?  What rules should we follow?

MEMORY VERSE: I Corinthians 14:40

Everything should be done in a fitting and orderly way.

Activity 1:  Let the children shout their name all at the same time.  Ask, did you understand each other?  Now, let the children shout "Jesus".  Ask, did you understand each other?  You can also think of other things that they could shout about like their favorite color or favorite food or toy then let them shout one thing together afterward like only one color or food or toy.

Activity 2:  Arrange Yourselves According to Game: This activity asks the kids to line-up and arrange themselves according to a certain direction like according to height, according to age, according to size of feet, according to length of hair, etc.  If there are many kids, you can group them into 2 or 3 then they will race each other in arranging themselves.  The first group to arrange themselves orderly wins a point.

Activity 3:  Give them a piece of paper with time of the day on the left and let them write the things that they are supposed to do (their responsibilities).  For example:  6:00 am - I will wake up, take a bath and eat breakfast.  7:00 am - I will go to school, etc.  Another option is just let them write the rules that they are following at home or at Sunday School class.  For example, 1. I should fix my toys after playing.  2.  I should study my lessons before playing.

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Noel Ablon said...

Great topics you have hear. I'm sure a lot of people will find your articles useful and educational and at the same time inspirational. Keep it up on these Sunday lessons.

Like you, I am also a Sunday lesson teacher but I teach teens. I know in someway we can both learn from each others topics.

God bless and take care. I am following your blog. Thanks for following mine.