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Thank You God for Mr. Postman

Who is the most popular man in your town? The Postman. Who is the man who is most eagerly looked for as he comes down the street? The Postman. Who receives, at every door where he stops, a most cordial welcome? The Postman. I wonder if the thrill of getting a letter will ever pass away.

When you come home from school the first thing you do is to look on the hall table to see if the Postman has brought you a letter. It is the same when we grow up. No matter how many letters we may receive we never get over the keen delight at having the Postman bring us letters.

I have here in my hand the Bible. In it, we can find the many stories of men we know like Abraham, David, Daniel, Jonah and Samson.  But in it are also written letters. These letters found in the New Testament were written mostly by the Apostle Paul, other writers were the Apostles John and Peter.  What did they write about?  They wrote about God's message of love and forgiveness to all people who would read the letters, including little boys and girls.  They were like the Mr. Postman sent by God to deliver His letters to us.  We should be thankful that God used them to be His Mr. Postman.  Would you also like to be God's Mr. Postman?

MEMORY VERSE:  I John 2: 12
I write to you, dear children, because your sins have been forgiven on account of his name.

Make a one-of-a-kind envelope and greeting card (see the complete instructions here).  If the kids are too small, prepare beforehand - trace and cut envelope template, so they would just need to fold and glue the envelope and make the greeting card.  Then, let the kids write a short letter for a loved one or friend telling them about God's love. (Example:  Hello Jean, Do you know that Jesus loves you?  I do, too.  You're friend, Dolly)

Photo credit:  Postman Pat by Howard Lake, Flickr


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