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Lessons of Spring

I have in my hand a small branch from an apple tree. Here are seen the tiny buds, the promise of the blossom, and after that the fruit. Have you ever seen an apple orchard in blossom? People rave about the cherry blossoms of Japan, and the fire trees, flaming red, of the Philippines. I have been in both countries, but I think there is no more beautiful sight in any country than the blossoming apple orchards of America.

Photo Credits: G Schouten de Jel, Stock.Xchng

When you see branches like this sending forth their first buds, what do they tell us?

First, they tell us of God.  I do not see how any one can live through the awakening spring season and not think daily thoughts of God.  Most people remember the Creator.  Only one person has ever denied God. "The fool hath said in his heart, there is no God."  He said it to himself, he did not dare speak it out loud.

Second, they tells us of God's Love.  He, the loving Father of all people, makes blessed provision for the care and nurture of his children.  He reminds us each year, in seedtime and harvest, of his boundless love. His love never fails. There have been many hundreds of years in the history of the world, yet each year has had its spring, its seedtime, and its resurrection. Young people, let God's Spring time speak to you.

MEMORY VERSE:  Daniel 2:20-21
"Praise be to the name of God for ever and ever; wisdom and power are his.  He changes times and seasons."

Flowering tree coloring page.
Easy Shapes Tree Craft.  Print out the templates: colored version or black and white version (this the kids can also color).   Cut and then paste the shapes onto a bond paper forming pine trees or apple trees.  Alternatively, the shapes can be cut out of colored construction paper.  Do this ahead of time for younger kids.

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