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Candle Children

What is this I have here? It is a candle. There is something about a candle we all love. We have today brilliant electric bulbs, yet when the birthday comes, we want a cake with candles on it. Think of this as a birthday candle and let it speak to you.

First of all this candle speaks of Symmetry. How perfectly formed is this candle! It is smooth, there are no rough places that stand out like an ugly wart on one's face. Your life should have symmetry. God asks you to pay attention to your physical, mental and spiritual duties that your life may be well rounded, a life of beautiful symmetry.

Second, this candle stands for Fragrance. This is a fragrant candle. There are some children we do not like to have around, they are naughty, rude and mean. There are others we love to have with us at all times. They have what I call fragrance. They have the fragrance of thoughtfulness, the sweetness of unselfishness.

Third, this candle means Erectness. Look how straight it stands! Stand up straight, girls and boys. Do not stoop. Do not hump yourself over your school desk. Walk erect. It means so much now, it will mean much more in later years. Some day, if you listen to my word, you will be grateful that I said to you so emphatically that you could not forget, "John, Mary, stand up straight."

Fourth, the candle stands for Light. It is useless until the wick is lighted. It burns for others. Your life is a light. Jesus wants all Christians to think of themselves as lights in the world. "Let your light shine." Be a lighted candle for the Lord.

MEMORY VERSE: Proverbs 20: 27
"The spirit of man is the candle of the Lord."

Make Cardboard Candlesticks :  Turn paper tubes into candlesticks complete with shimmering flames.  You can use paint to color the paper towel and tissue tubes or you can just glue colored construction paper or tissue paper to it.  See complete instructions here.  Another variation makes use of a template which the kids can print, cut, color and assemble to make a candle craft.  See here.


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