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The Human Camera - Be Pure

What a wonderful little machine a digital camera is! First we turn the power on, choose an object to take a picture of, hold the camera very steady, then snap, we have it. Next we press a little button to see on the LCD, "Oh, yes, perfect picture."  Lastly, we hook up the camera to the printer then print a very nice picture.  It's finished, all but pasting it in a photo book.

Wonderful little gadget, isn't it?  But, do you know each one of us has a camera?  God has given us a camera which works by itself. We have the open circle through which the pictures are taken, our eyes, and beyond the eyes, in the brain, are thousands of memory card. We start out in the morning and the moment we open our eyes we begin storing pictures in our memory card. We do not have to do any clicking for these pictures, one after another, click, click, click, and they are processed as fast as they are taken.

If you should say to a man who has reached 80 years old, "Tell me the clearest picture you can remember," he would not show a picture that was taken yesterday, or last week, or last year. He would turn back the pages of his memory book fifty, sixty years. The clearest pictures he possesses are those that were snapped in his boyhood.

Every day you are taking pictures that are going to remain with you as long as you live. Girls and boys, I pray that as you go out each morning and your human camera begins clicking, that you shall take only pictures that are true, pure and clean.

Read Matthew 6:22-23 then discuss with the kids
According to Matthew 6:22-23, our eyes can be good or bad?  How is that?  What kind of pictures are we taking with our human camera?  Are your eyes good or bad?

MEMORY VERSEProverbs 4: 25
Let your eyes look straight ahead, fix your gaze directly before you.

Play a guessing game.  Put different objects in a bag or box.  Ask a child to close his eyes, pick an object and guess what it is.
Sing this song:  Be Careful Little Eyes What You See

Drawing Eyes:  Have fun with the kids as you teach them how to draw different kinds of eyes.  Then write at the top or bottom of the paper "Be Careful Little Eyes What You See."

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