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God's Clock - Tells of His Faithfulness

Do you own a watch? Not yet?  Well, some day you will. I have a friend who has a watch.  His father promised to give him one when he said, "When you graduate from High School, I will give you a watch."

Is there a "town clock" where you live? Is it dependable? Do men set their watches by it? Do people, passing it, glance up to see if they are late?  In the village where I began my ministry, the Baptist tower held the town clock. I lived but a few doors away.  I went to bed by it.  I studied by it.  I was wakened by it.  Even now, and many years have passed since then, I can still hear its clear bell strike the hours.

The strangest clock I ever saw was in China. I went up the West River to the city of Canton. I was carried through the narrow, smelly, crowded streets to the top of a little hill at the city's edge. There, on the very tip-top,  I saw the "Water Clock."  There's an inscription which read, "This water clock is a most ancient, authentic, celebrated and sacred relic of Kwong Tung Province, over 1,300 years old.  It was erected on the top story of the north Worshiping Tower which was built by Chin To, King of the South of China."

It was a strange, old clock, run by water.  I stood and looked at it and thought, "This clock was running when George Washington was president; it was running when Christopher Columbus sailed on his great voyage of discovery; long years, long centuries before that it was built."

But there is a clock surpassing all others. I call it God's clock. It is the Sun.  Since time began God's clock has kept time.  It is the central clock of our universe.  It regulates all others.  It does not have to be wound.  God has seen to that.  How can we not worship the God who has made such a clock!

MEMORY VERSE:  Psalm 74: 16
The day is yours, and yours also the night; you established the sun and moon.

KIDS CRAFT:  Paper Clock Craft or Happy Sun Face.

Make a simple Paper Clock  You can follow the instructions from these 2 links:  Paper Clock Craft 1 and Paper Clock Craft 2.  Choose which one you would like to make for your class.  Then, you can practice telling the time with the kids.  You can also display it in your classroom and put:  Sunday school starts at _____.

Make a Happy Sun Face.

Photo credit:  Janne1

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