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Sunday School Lessons Topics Index

This is an index of the Sunday School Lessons for kids found in this blog.  I've arranged it into these 6 categories to help us find what we need: Old Testament Stories, New Testament Stories, Character Building Lessons, Object Lessons, Life Story Lessons and Celebrations-Related Lessons.  This will be updated regularly when new lessons are added.  Thank you for visiting Sunday School Lessons for Kids.

Last Update: September 16, 2020

Old Testament Stories
A New Beginning - The Creation Story 
The Disobedience of Adam and Eve
Adam and Eve1 
The Story of Cain and Abel 
Moses and the Ten Plagues of Egypt
The Israelites at Mount Sinai
Balaam and the Talking Donkey
Naomi and Ruth
The Young Samuel
A Happy Home 
David and Goliath - A Boy from the Country
Choosing a King God Looks at the Heart
King David and Mephibosheth
The Very Brave Queen Esther
Jonah and the Fish

New Testament Stories
The Birthday of Jesus
Grow as Jesus Grew
Jesus Calms the Storm
The Gardener and the Vine
Jesus and the Children
Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand

Character Building Lessons
Faith and Obedience - Noah's Ark
Faith and Obedience - God Calls Abraham
Faith and Obedience - The Young Samuel
Giving and Sharing - Abraham and Lot


Kindness - A King's Kindness
Kindness - The Talking Donkey
Love and Loyalty
Loving Your Siblings - Jacob and Esau
Obedience - Jonah
Obedience - Marks of Disobedience
Perseverance Jacob Wrestles with God
Prayerfulness - That's When I Talk to God
Servanthood - Last But Not Least
Steadfastness and Integrity
Trusting Jesus - Jesus Calms the Storm
Truthfulness - Jacob Gets Isaac's Blessings
Truthfulness - The Honest Bird

Object Lessons
Human Camera
Doors of Life
Lessons in the Dark
The Cross
God's Clock - Tells of His Faithfulness
Two R's and an A
The Snowflake
The Spider
Books - Lesson on Orderliness
Mr. Postman and the Bible
The Trees
God's Measure - Teaching the Ten Commandments
Air, Water and the Bible
The Still Small Voice
Knife Lessons
Watch Lessons
How a Little Girl Utilized the Telephone

Life Story Lessons
Wendell Philips - Hear and Obey
Phillips Brooks - Him and Hymn
George Matheson - The Blind Preacher
Jean Francis Millet - Use Your God-Given Talent
The Helping Fingers
Lesson on Truthfulness
Does This Railroad Lead to Heaven?
The Child Heroine of New Brunswick
Story by Parish Register - Lesson on Prayer
God Heals a Blind Girl

Celebrations-Related Lessons
Christmas - December the First Month?
Christmas - The Best Word
The Christmas Tree
Christmas - Him and Hymn
Christmas Lesson Plans for Sunday School
Teaching Children the Symbols of Christmas
New Year
Easter - The Cross
Easter Sunday
The Lesson of Spring

Discovering Jesus in the Old and New Testaments