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Object Lesson: How a Little Girl Utilized the Telephone

This short story teaches the little children about the importance of faith and prayer and that God answers prayer.  Note: The telephone conversation in the story can be used for role playing in the Sunday School class.  This can be taught along with the story of how Jairus' daughter was healed by Jesus found in Mark 5:21-24; 38-43.

There was mother watching over a sick baby who came down stairs for a moment to take a second's rest. She heard the voice of her little, 4-year old girl in the living room by herself.  She went and saw her seated in front of the telephone, and stood upon it, with the piece against the side of her head. The child was so earnest talking on the telephone and this was the conversation the mother heard, while the tears stood thick in her eyes.


"Well, who's there?"

"Is God there?"


"Is Jesus there?"


"Tell Jesus I want to speak to him."


"Is that you, Jesus?"

"Yes. What is it?"

"Our baby is sick, and we want you to let it get well. Won't you, now?"

No answer, and statement and question again repeated, and finally answered by a "Yes."

The little one put the ear-piece back on its hook, went down from the chair, and with a radiant face, went for her mother, who caught her in her arms.

The baby who has been began to mend that day and got well.

~ Elmira Free Press

MEMORY VERSE:  Mark 11:24
Whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.

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