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Cain Killed Abel - Lesson About Being Angry

Kids do you have any brother or sister? How are you getting along with them? Do you fight with your brothers or sisters? Why? What happens when you fight?

Our Bible story for today which is found in Genesis 4:1-8 is about two brothers who had some problems getting along with each other. They are the sons of Adam and Eve. Cain, who is older, is a farmer while Abel, the younger, is a shepherd.

Offerings of Cain and Abel
Distant Shores Media/Sweet Publishing / CC BY-SA

One day, they went and offered their sacrifice to the Lord. Cain offered the fruits from his crops while Abel offered a firstborn of his flock.  God was pleased with Abel's offer and this made Cain mad.

Then Cain said to his brother, "Let's go to the field" and there he killed his brother.

Cain killed Abel
Distant Shores Media/Sweet Publishing / CC BY-SA

1. What can you say about the two brothers?
2. Why was Cain angry with his brother Abel? What did he do?
3. Do you fight with your brother or sister? Why?
4. Does God like us to be jealous and fight our siblings? How does God want us to deal with our siblings? What should we do to avoid fighting with our siblings?

You may also want to read this Cain and Abel lesson for additional input on how to teach this story.

MEMORY VERSE: James 1:19
Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry.

I like this craft from DLTK-Bible where the kids will use toilet paper roll to make Cain and Abel toilet paper roll craft. Good to use as visual aid as well while telling the story.  Find the instructions for making Cain and Abel by clicking the links.

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