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Christmas - The Best Word

What is the best word?  I think I can hear each of you as he answers. One says "Mother is the best word." Another says, "Father." Still another, "Daddy." A fourth one answers, "Home." Now I hear a voice that says, "America." Another voice shouts, "Friend." Yes, there are many, many words to which we might rightfully give the title "best word."

But for this season of the year, and for this particular Sunday, there is one word that stands out from among all the others. That one word is "Christmas." On December 25 will be Christmas day. I think this word "Christmas" is the best word because it includes all the other good words.

In your home, you have a rug. There are many colors in that rug, yet it is all one fabric. The many colors are skillfully woven and beautifully blended to make the one fabric. Think of this word Christmas as a rug, made up of many words of many colors. We see in this rug the word "mother." What would Christmas be without mother! We see also the word father, and the words sister, brother, grandfather, grandmother, aunt, uncle, friend, home. Then clearest of all in this wonderful rug is the word Christ. Christ is Christmas. Yes, Christmas is the best word for it gathers within its meaning all other good words.
"This happy day, whose risen sun
Shall set not through eternity;
This holy day, when Christ, the Lord,
Took on him our humanity;
For little children everywhere
A joyous season still we make;
We bring our precious gifts to them,
Even for the dear Child, Jesus' sake."

"In him was life; and that life was the light of men."

MEMORY HYMN:  "Joy to the world!"

KIDS CRAFT: Christmas Paper Rug

  • Fold 2-3 different colored construction papers into paper fan or accordion style with 1/2-1-inch thick strips lengthwise.
  • Unfold and cut along the lines.  Set aside.
  • Fold another piece of construction paper crosswise.
  • From the fold, cut straight lines towards the edge with 1/2-1-inch gap between the lines.  (You can draw guidelines first using a ruler if you wish.)  Do nut cut through the edge.  Leave at least 1 inch of uncut paper at the edge.  Unfold the paper.
  • Now, you can start weaving your paper rug.      
          a.  First, insert one strip of colored paper through the slits alternately, over then under.  
          b.  Insert a second colored strip through the slit beside the first strip of paper, but now under then over.   
          c.  Repeat a and b until you reach the other edge.

         d.  Cut off the excess of the cross strips, get 2 more strips of colored paper and glue it to the two longer sides to seal the strips in place.

  • Turn the project over then you can decorate with letters or with stickers if you wish.

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