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It's December - The First Month?

What month is this? December. It is the first month in the year. "No, no," you say, "December is the last month." I cannot entirely agree with you. December is last on the calendar but first in importance. Now you agree with me, do you not?

How many days has December? One day. "No, no," I again hear you say, "December has 31 days." I think we can reach an agreement on this point, too. There is one day in December of unexceptional importance and loveliness; that day is the 25th. Yes, we all say there is but one day in December. How readily we agree when we understand one another!

What is the twenty-fifth? It is the most important day in the history of the world. It is the day upon which the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords was born. Jesus, son of man and son of God, came into the world as we all come, as a tiny babe. It brings him much nearer to us, does it not, to think that our Savior was once as we are? He grew up as a child, a boy, a youth, a man. It is the birthday of Christ the Savior we celebrate on the 25th of each December.

To whom did Jesus come? He came to a lowly people. He was revealed first of all to the shepherds. The shepherd's task was not an enviable one. He was out in the open, subject to storms and winds and wild beasts. His business was to shepherd the sheep, to lead them to good pasture, to protect them from all harm and danger. The shepherd's task was lonely as well as lowly. His days and nights were passed in solitude. Occasionally a group of shepherds would come together, but for the most part they were alone with their flocks. God chose these people, whose minds were clear, whose lives were pure, to be the first messengers of the glad tidings of great joy. (Luke 2:8-20)

MEMORY VERSE: Luke 2: 10
But the angels said to them (the shepherds), "Do not be afraid, I bring you good news of great joy."

KIDS CRAFT:  Christmas Printable Coloring Pages
There are lots of Christmas Printable Coloring Pages that you can find on this website.  You can find the links to the following coloring pages which are related to the lessons today on their website and print from there. (You have to scroll down the page to find the list of coloring pages available on their site)
  • Angel's Announcement to the shepherds color by number activity page (This can be used for the Memory Verse as well.
  • Angel appears to shepherds keeping watch over their flocks coloring page
  • Shepherds go to Bethlehem coloring page
  • Shepherds find Jesus coloring page
After the kids finish coloring the pages, you can retell the story when the angels announced the birth of Jesus to the shepherds.

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