A New Beginning - The Creation Story

It is the beginning of another year - A BLESSED NEW YEAR, EVERYONE!  This January onwards, I'll be sharing Sunday School lessons for kids that teach about the Genesis stories.

When thinking about the word "New", the first Bible story that comes to my mind is the story of the beginning of life, that is the creation story as narrated in Genesis 1:1-2:3.

When telling the story, you can either use a story book with attractive pictures or make your own pictures as follows
  • for day 1 - darkness, in contrast to light; or you can ask the children to close their eyes as you begin telling the story.
  • for day 2 - sky
  • for day 3 - land and seas, plants and trees
  • for day 4 -  sun, moon and stars
  • for day 5 - living creatures like the fish in the sea and birds of the air
  • for day 6 - living land creatures (elephants, tigers, lions, bears, monkey, etc) and man.
  • for day 7 - none God rested
You can also find some coloring pages of the creation story here, color and use them when telling the story.

Then, you can end the story by asking the children are they thankful that God created all these things for us?  Take note that God created everything man needs before creating man.  It is important to teach the children that God is the Creator of everything and to be thankful for all the things that He has created for us to enjoy. 

Review the story and let the children participate in telling the story.

KIDS' SONG:  If I Were a Butterfly
Since the children are learning about the different creatures God created, why not learn about this song.

MEMORY VERSE: Genesis 1:1
In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.

Creation Story Book.  You can use the coloring pages of the creation story above for the children to color and create their own Creation Story Book.  You can find and print an alternative mini-book version of the creation story here

To let the children use their imagination and creativity, you can also make mini-books with empty pages where the children can draw and color to tell the creation story.  Just fold about 3 pieces of bond paper and staple them together in the middle to make a mini-book. 

Creation Mobile.  The children can also create a creation mobile.  The instructions can be found from DLTK-Bible's Creation Mobile page.  You can also substitute other pictures that you want to hang on your mobile if you want to.

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