Joseph, Potiphar and His Wife - Trusting God in Difficult Times

Hi Kids! In our past lesson, we learned about Joseph, His Coat and Dreams. Do you remember what happened to Joseph in our last lesson? (Ask some questions about the past lesson such as: Who gave Joseph his coat? How do the brothers of Joseph feel toward Joseph? What did the brothers do to Joseph?)

Joseph was sold by his brothers to Ishmaelite traders and he was taken by them to Egypt. In Egypt, he was sold again and was bought by Potiphar, an official of Pharaoh and the Captain of the Guards, to become his slave. 

If you were Joseph how would you feel as somebody who came into Egypt? (Afraid? Shocked?) 
Remember he is in a new environment with different language, culture and beliefs.  Consider that Joseph was taught by his father that there is only one God but in Egypt there are many gods. So, I guess, it's a big and scary adjustment for Joseph.

Joseph, His Coat and Dreams - Lesson on Jealousy

Hi Kids! Do you still remember who Jacob is? Jacob married Leah and Rachel and had 12 sons from both of them. Joseph is the favorite of Jacob among all his sons and he made a colorful coat for him. Because of this, Joseph's brother were very jealous and hated him.

Joseph dreams of his future. Image from Wikipedia.

To make matters worse, Joseph had a dream which he told his brothers. He dreamed that all of them were binding sheaves of grain, and then his brothers' sheaves bowed down to his sheaf. This made his brothers even angrier because of the thought that Joseph will reign over them.

Jacob Reconciles with Esau - Lesson on Forgiveness

Hi Kids. Do you still remember how the story of Jacob and Esau went? Even from the womb, the twins had been struggling with each other. We learned about the stories when Esau sold his birthright to Jacob and when Jacob stole the blessings that Isaac wanted to give Esau. These stories led to the hatred of Esau for Jacob and the threat to kill him. Jacob, then, had to run away and live to a far away land.

But after many years, Jacob decided to go back and meet with Esau. He sent messengers to Esau telling him about his return, his messengers came back saying that Esau is coming with 400 men. How do you think Jacob felt? Afraid? He was afraid that Esau is coming to attack them.

Jacob Wrestles With God - Lesson on Persistence

Kids, have you done anything that was really hard to do? How about an assignment in school? a test in Math or Science? Do you simply give up? Let's see at a story of Jacob and a lesson about never giving up.

In the last lesson, Jacob just married Leah and Rachel. He worked for another 7 years for Laban and had many children. Afterward, he decided that he wanted to finally take his whole family and possessions and go back to his homeland. At first, they fled from Laban but Laban caught up with them. At the end, they agreed that they would part peacefully.

Jacob wrestles with a man. Wikipedia.

Discovering Jesus in the Old and New Testaments

The stories in the whole Bible, including both Old and New Testament stories, is connected to Jesus in some way. As we teach our children the different stories and poems, different characters and different events in the Bible, I hope we could pinpoint them to Jesus. If we could connect Jesus to every story they hear, they would understand how the plan of God unfolds from Genesis to Revelation.

I did not receive a review copy of this book The Gospel Story: Discovering Jesus in the Old and New Testaments, but when I saw the preview pages (embedded below), I thought of sharing this with you. This new beautifully illustrated Bible Story book does what I have mentioned above - connect Jesus to every story. In addition, at the end of every story, the author has put in simple questions for the kids to explore. This is certainly a wonderful resource for every Christian family who wants to teach their kids the Bible at home, for every Sunday School class or Christian school.