Teaching Children the Symbols of Christmas

Hello everyone. It's Christmas time once again. and I would just like to greet you a very Merry Christmas.

Image by Harmon Fisher, Stock.xchng
 Let me just say that I admit that I've not been able to post much in this blog. I've been busy with a lot of things lately. But I would certainly try to do better updating this blog in the coming days of the new year 2012.

I have not made a new post about Christmas lessons this time but allow me to point you to one article I did on Hubpages which teaches how to make a Christmas craft for kids and use it to tell the Christmas story. Aside from the easy to do art and craft project described, there is a guide on how to use the Christmas symbols like the angels, candy cane, the star, the cross and the Christmas tree to tell parts of the Christmas story. 

More Ideas on How to Use this Christmas Symbols Craft:
Let me just add that you can use other Christmas symbols like the crown, heart, baby or the trumpet for this craft to make up and tell the Christmas story. You can also improvise the art and craft idea. You can just show the children how to draw the different symbols and let them follow. You can use play dough to make the different symbols. You can do origami if the children can follow more advanced instructions. Then, instead of you telling the story, you can let the children tell the Christmas story.

That's it for now. I would just like to mention that you can find some old Christmas lesson plans in this blog and there are plenty more in the Ministry to Children blog. They have more new lessons and Christmas ideas to share this year.

Enjoy the remaining days of 2011. God bless you!

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