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Jacob Gets Isaac’s Blessings

Have you ever played tricks or jokes on your brother or sister or any of your family members? How did that make them feel? To continue with the story of Jacob and Esau, we will look at the time when their father, Isaac, was already old and his...
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The Honest Bird

Once upon a time, there was a little bird in a wicker cage. In sad tones he sings: “In vain I stretch my wings; round and round this cage I fly. Oh freedom, how sweet are you! I would give anything thing for you.” He sang so sweet....
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Lesson on Truthfulness

Truthfulness is a mark of Christianity. However, some Christian parents are very careless in this matter. There was a lady in a street car trying to keep her little boy awake told him that, if he went to sleep, that man who had all those teeth in his...
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